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Interested in introducing Springfield into your market?

Springfield has a wide franchise network of more than 300 stores and proven success in 70 countries.

Our deep know-how of the retail business has led us to a continuous and outstanding growth in the past few years and to exceed 900 points of sale worldwide.

Springfield is an European brand, created in 1988 and designed for people between 18-35 years old, with a casual, urban and young style.

Our product and business concepts are under continuous development which is one of the key success factors that that explains our success in our home and international markets, allowing us and our partners to keep increasing our market share year by year.

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We are looking for committed franchisees, enthusiastic about our brand, with consolidated experience and knowledge of the country and financial capability to open several stores and ensure a strong market entry.*

We operate through stand-alone stores in shopping centres or high street locations and/or corners in department stores. We are looking forward to hearing about your project and having you on board!

*Please note that we do not franchise in Spain nor Portugal as we operate through our own corporate stores.

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