Springfield Man & Woman
The ultimate Insulation technology
Springfield Man & Woman

Sorona® is a biopolymer: partially natural fiber, synthetized with lower energy expenditure, it reduces CO2 emissions and uses renewable natural resources, instead of petroleum products.
Sorona® fiber coats have the quality of keeping body temperature, since they insulate like feather, in addition to being breathable and light. This season Springfield is committed to this type of fiber, with the purchase of 165,000 KIW garments, in order to continue the production of sustainable clothing.

Because it is possible to help the planet respecting the environment in the production process.

Springfield Man & Woman
In Springfield we bet on the use of the Neokdun® recycled feather.
As a brand we continue working on the path of sustainability, so we have launched a collection of garments using recycled, natural and 100% biodegradable feather. The feather has a longer life cycle than a single garment, and therefore it may have a second life when carefully processed.
Neokdun® guarantees the best performance in terms of warmth, breathability, lightness and cleanliness, as well as environmental sustainability, its origin being controlled by the NVP traceability standard and audited by a third party following the EDFA traceability standard.

Because it is possible to help the planet giving a second life to the feathers, creating new quality garments.

Springfield Man & Woman

We are committed to the RESPONSIBLE DOWN STANDAR (RDS) feather, an independent and voluntary global standard that guarantees a process free of animal abuse. The RDS feather is 100% natural, guarantees lightness, insulation and maximum breathability.

Because it is possible to help the planet by changing our treatment of fauna and flora, without losing all the resources they offer us.