Reconsider emerges from the brand’s commitment to the planet. We are dedicated to sustainable development that meets current needs without compromising those of future generations. Our responsibility is reflected in the following initiatives.

Our commitment to sustainability is part of our daily work. We're always on the lookout for new processes and raw materials that can help us become more sustainable every day.

Reduction of water consumption when manufacturing our garments is one of our main objectives. Water is the most important natural resource that we have and it is a critical factor for the development of our society. It is a limited and scarce resource and we want to contribute to preserving it; we are aware of the great danger of its scarcity.

Laser and ozone technologies are the two initiatives that our H20 products include. These techniques are key to reducing the strong environmental impact of creating the finishes on denim garments. Thanks to them, we are able to save a lot of water while getting rid of toxic processes that harm the planet.


With the laser technique, we carry out a dry process to wear the denim, without having to use any water. With it, we get different effects with a more responsible process.


The use of ozone allows us to oxidise the jeans naturally. By using this technique, we reduce a large amount of water. Plus, we are able to get rid of contaminants like potassium permanganate, chlorine and bleach.

More than 2,500,000 garments produced sustainably for spring/summer 2020. And this is just the beginning.

We started to work with more sustainable raw materials because their processes are more environmentally friendly. We are focusing on organic cotton and recycled fibres.

Organic Cotton

Some of our shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts and chino trousers are manufactured contributing to the sustainability of the planet thanks to the use of organic cotton.

Our aim is to optimise the use of resources and raw materials, practising eco-friendly methods and avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides.

Recycled Polyester

The recycled polyester is manufactured from industrial waste and plastic bottles. It is a fabric of equal quality to virgin polyester but consumes less resources and emits less CO2 in its manufacture process.

Better for the planet and better for you.



The Ecovero fibre is viscose, obtained from sustainable wood and cellulose from EU Ecolabel certified sources, meaning it has complied with strict environmental standards throughout its life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material through to production, distribution, and disposal. In fact, its production generates up to 50% less emissions and water resource impact compared with generic viscose.

Our KEEP IT WARM collection is a continuation of our commitment to innovation, with outerwear designed specifically to retain body heat; made using innovative, highly insulating, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly materials.​​

RDS: Responsible Down Standard​

We are committed to the RESPONSIBLE DOWN STANDARD (RDS) feather, an independent and voluntary global standard that guarantees a process free of animal abuse. The RDS feather is 100% natural, guarantees lightness, insulation and maximum breathability.

Because it is possible to help the planet by changing our treatment of fauna and flora, without losing all the resources they offer us.


Is a biopolymer: partially natural fiber, synthetized with lower energy expenditure, it reduces CO2 emissions and uses renewable natural resources, instead of petroleum products.

Sorona® fiber coats have the quality of keeping body temperature, since they insulate like feather, in addition to being breathable and light. This season Springfield is committed to this type of fiber, with the purchase of 165,000 KIW garments, in order to continue the production of sustainable clothing.

Because it is possible to help the planet respecting the environment in the production process.​



Garments made of recycled, natural and 100% biodegradable feather. The feather has a longer life cycle than a single garment, and therefore it may have a second life when carefully processed.​

Neokdun® guarantees the best performance in terms of warmth, breathability, lightness and cleanliness, as well as environmental sustainability, its origin being controlled by the NVP traceability standard and audited by a third party following the EDFA traceability standard.

Because it is possible to help the planet giving a second life to the fibers, creating new quality garments.