Springfield Man & Woman
Dear customer,

We're so pleased we'll be seeing you again now that our stores are finally reopening, and we want you to have a safe shopping experience.

This is why we'll be taking the following precautions, among others*:

Springfield Man & Woman
Our shops and products comply with health and safety protocols.
Springfield Man & Woman
To keep everyone safe, we recommend you wear gloves and a mask, and use hand sanitising gel.
Springfield Man & Woman
We're reducing our capacity and ask that you respect safe distancing guidelines.
Springfield Man & Woman
We recommend you pay by card or mobile phone.
Springfield Man & Woman
We'll give priority to people with special needs.
And if you want to try on our collection in-store...

We're disinfecting our changing rooms on a more frequent basis.

Only one person is allowed per changing room, and safe distancing measures will always be maintained. This is why you may find some are closed.

When you've finished trying on your garments, please leave them in the containers marked for subsequent disinfection.

Welcome back!

*Our measures will be tailored to the appropriate regulatory and/or operational requirements, and may be subject to change as circumstances evolve".