We've strengthened our cleaning and disinfecting protocols to offer the maximum level of safeguarding.

The measures outlined below may be subject to change in accordance with health authority recommendations or changes in regulations.

Are gloves and masks compulsory when visiting our stores?

We always recommend wearing gloves and masks in our stores. If the authorities make it compulsory, we'll follow their guidelines.

Will you provide protective measures for customers?

Alcohol-based sanitiser dispensers will be available at store entrances to disinfect hands.

What protective items will store staff be wearing?

The necessary protective items will be available to store staff. Masks, gloves, and alcohol-based gel. Sufficient protective protocols are in place for all staff.

Is it possible to try clothes on?

Yes. All necessary preventive and safety measures will be taken.

What do you do with clothing once it's been tried on by customers?

Items that have been tried on and not purchased by a customer will be left in an area designated for clothes to be disinfected.

Are all the changing rooms in use?

Where necessary, we'll limit the number of changing rooms in use at any one time, and will monitor access to ensure safe distancing is adhered to if and when people are queuing to wait.

Changing rooms may need to be closed from time to time in certain stores if we aren't able to attend to them satisfactorily, or in cases where the layout means it's impossible to respect safe distancing measures.

Do you disinfect the changing rooms? How? How frequently?

Changing rooms will be continuously disinfected after each use.

Will you be carrying out alterations?

Yes. Our alterations service will be available to customers who need it, with all the necessary precautions taken.

Will there be any limits on capacity? What kind?

Each store will limit capacity to guarantee safe distancing for all, in line with health authority recommendations. For this reason, store staff may limit the number of customers entering the store if necessary.

Will opening times be the same?

Our opening hours to the public will be adapted based on recommendations from the authorities and store capacity. You can check our opening times at our Customers Services or on our various brands' websites.

Will you prioritise serving the elderly and those from at-risk groups? What kind of priority will you give?

We will prioritise serving pregnant women and the elderly.

Will you indicate safe distances?

Signage will be in place to indicate the minimum distance to maintain between customers at tills and changing rooms.

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, however we recommend paying by mobile phone or contactless card where possible.

Will chip and pin machines be disinfected? How frequently?

Chip and pin machines will be disinfected with alcohol-based or disinfectant solution. It will be applied to both the terminal and the pen if signing is required.

Are exchanges and returns accepted?

Yes, both in-store and online.

Can I collect my online order in-store?

Yes, store staff will handle in-store deliveries as quickly as possible.

Will your distributors deliver orders by hand?

Each courier company will act in accordance with their security protocols to minimise risk.

Will returned garments be disinfected in any way?

Items that have been returned by customers will be left in an area designated for clothes to be disinfected.